FKA Twigs

Disco Naïveté and 16 other users successfully predicted 5 years ago that FKA Twigs would become popular.

some other artist named Twigs (kindly?) asked her to change her name, apparently

Watch her just get huge.

She's having show on at a cool new venue during Fashion Week in Carreau Du Temple in the heart of Paris on the 30th of April !

honestly you need to see her live. like a tigress. insanely good.

I'm in the half that finds her...fascinating, to look at. :) Have this bookmarked to read properly over the wkd with a whisky or..two.

Yne wrote 3 years ago

I love everything she does ngl

IN TIME is the single right ?

In Time is her biggest 'pop' song so far I believe. could have been a Beyoncé song imo.

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