H.E.T and 9 other users think Failr is promising.

H.E.T wrote 6 years ago

Snazzy little electronic producer based in Australia

For Travis' Ears Only by Failr

Sodwee wrote 6 years ago

Introducing : Failr from #Sydney (Australia) and his great LARK EP we totally dig, made us feel better. So it might just give you satisfaction too : wp.me/pX9v8-55y

musicthatwelike wrote 5 years ago

Just listened to a preview of the new EP, sounds really good so far. Lot's of great vocal features! <3

H.E.T wrote 5 years ago

Oh exciting!

H.E.T wrote 5 years ago


Reach Out Ft. Brave by Failr

H.E.T wrote 5 years ago

Annie EP (debut release with Inertia Records):

Annie EP by Failr

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