Hillydilly.com and 19 other users think Fortunes is promising.

Missy Scheinberg wrote 7 years ago

meant to add this ages ago but forgot. guess where i found them? :)

H.E.T wrote 7 years ago

Oh Missy! You told me about these forever ago, should've added them :p

Sodwee wrote 5 years ago

Justin Bieber is my fave so far !

Justin Bieber by Fortunes.

Sodwee wrote 4 years ago

New track : 501's ::

Fortunes. - 501's

Sodwee wrote 4 years ago


Fortunes. - Focus by future classic

Sodwee wrote 3 years ago

Yassss finally !

Sit Still wrote 3 years ago

Have loved FORTUNES for about 4 years

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