From White To Gray

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Sodwee wrote 6 months ago

Paranoid by fromwhitetogray

Brighton based From White To Gray. Following on from the single Red Bricks Road, From White To Gray crafts another slice of emotionally written electro pop and continues to push boundaries in production. ‘Paranoid,’ exploring how the daily grind of many leads to isolation, to the parody of escaping into the bright lights of the night, fast cars, clubs, bars and the feeling of euphoria of the classic lost in music on the dancefloor of life. leaving one with the daily nostalgic feelings of reflection.

Gray’s fragile soulful vocals create a hypnotic delivery entwine with killer synth melodies over a bed of crunchy electro drums, floating up into a pulsing electronic groove surrounding you with a warm glow of comfort, that takes you on a trance like journey of escapism.

From White To Gray - Red Brick Roads (Official Video)

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