Glass Animals

SelfBlown and 12 other users successfully predicted 9 years ago that Glass Animals would become popular.

SelfBlown wrote 9 years ago

These guys first surfaced in 2010, and disappeared a few short months later. We know next to nothing about them and that's the case with most people, but they release a track they shared recently entitled 'Cocoa Hooves', on label Kaya Kaya in the coming months.

Gabriela Garcia wrote 8 years ago

Just heard the track "Black Mambo" (a new release) and fell in love with their sound

Black Mambo by Glass Animals

musicthatwelike wrote 8 years ago


Sodwee wrote 8 years ago


Senne wrote 8 years ago

Black Mambo is really great. This deserves to be featured... Who else agrees?

Sodwee wrote 8 years ago


Gabriela Garcia wrote 8 years ago


Sodwee wrote 8 years ago

almost there c'mon !

Gabriela Garcia wrote 7 years ago

new music & video!

Glass Animals - Gooey (Official Video)

Gabriela Garcia wrote 7 years ago


Glass Animals cover Kanye West 'Love Lockdown'

Sodwee wrote 7 years ago

Thy bloody are good live, just back from their gig in Pairs at Nouveau Casino, short set, closing with one cover of Kanye West's Love Lockdown... cellebrating the newly-soon-to-be-weds I guess :-/

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