Grace Acladna

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Going Solo wrote 6 years ago

Official Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/graceacladna/afterlife

I received a press which says: "Her rich sound can be traced back to her families musical background....Egyptian Choir Mistresses, Bajan gospel singers and a lineage to Halim El-Dabh (her great great uncle is one of the earliest pioneers of electronic music - having composed the first piece of electronic tape music in 1944)!

Her debut EP ‘Songs of the Subconsious’ is out 14th Sept via Hometown Records."

Still no references to social pages

kwame's picks wrote 6 years ago

Woah, okay the chorus is definitely something fresh

Going Solo wrote 6 years ago


London by Grace Acladna

Going Solo wrote 6 years ago

Her debut EP 'Songs of the Subconscious' is out now. Not on Soundcloud, from which she removed 'Afterlife', but basically on all the major streaming services. For me is a big YES!

Phil Lists wrote 2 years ago

She's back

Grace Acladna - When I Saw You

Sodwee wrote 2 years ago


Nothing playing