Haiku Hands

Blubb Blubb and 27 other users think Haiku Hands is promising.

"A rave-inspired introduction to Haiku Hands, "Not About You" is four to the floor, pop till you drop."

Not About You by HAIKU HANDS

Red Bull Music Academy are now featuring this: "Haiku Hands is a crew of Australian artists anchored around the duo of Claire Nakawaza and RBMA alumni Beatrice Lewis. “Not About You” serves as a bold introduction to the music of Haiku Hands. The rave-inspired, technicolor track combines a keen sensibility for the dancefloor with cheeky songwriting and riot grrrl energy. We’re excited to hear what else they’ve got in store."

Haiku Hands - Not About You by Red Bull Music Academy

OOOuuh oui ouh lalala zis ize very very goud.

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