Haiku Hands

Blubb Blubb and 28 other users successfully predicted 4 years ago that Haiku Hands would become popular.

Blubb Blubb wrote 4 years ago

Red Bull Music Academy are now featuring this: "Haiku Hands is a crew of Australian artists anchored around the duo of Claire Nakawaza and RBMA alumni Beatrice Lewis. “Not About You” serves as a bold introduction to the music of Haiku Hands. The rave-inspired, technicolor track combines a keen sensibility for the dancefloor with cheeky songwriting and riot grrrl energy. We’re excited to hear what else they’ve got in store."


Sodwee wrote 4 years ago

OOOuuh oui ouh lalala zis ize very very goud.

Blubb Blubb wrote 4 years ago

Get to know... Haiku Hands by triple j Unearthed

Spanning time playlists wrote 4 years ago

should be a highlight at Bigsound in Brisbane next month

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