Blubb Blubb and 9 other users successfully predicted 7 years ago that Halsey would become popular.

Bastien wrote 7 years ago

New track tomorrow!!

Blubb Blubb wrote 7 years ago

She's pulled it off. :)

Halsey - New Americana by HalseyMusic

Blubb Blubb wrote 7 years ago

Here she is stripped back w/ Katy Perry cover - signed to Astralwerks / Capitol Records.

Halsey "Birthday" Katy Perry Cover Live @ SiriusXM // Hits 1

Blubb Blubb wrote 7 years ago

Almost 10k - created a steady base w/ just 2 tracks.

Blubb Blubb wrote 6 years ago

Hurricane -

Halsey - Hurricane by HalseyMusic

Wonky Sensitive wrote 6 years ago

Halsey - Hurricane (Official Music Video)

Missy Scheinberg wrote 5 years ago

headlining Madison Square Garden August 2016

Blubb Blubb wrote 5 years ago

Weird how she was never featured, miles ahead of most pop hype in terms of quality.

Missy Scheinberg wrote 5 years ago

she's one of those few acts that kind of surpassed the blog hype and went straight into mainstream hype. Fetty Wap is like that, too. and obviously tons of producers like Matoma, Kygo, and such.

Senne wrote 5 years ago

@Missy: sounds like an interesting topic to write an article about. ;-)

Yne wrote 5 years ago


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