Hannah DiAmond

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Hannah Diamond - Every Night by PC Music ♩
i just don't know if i should like this or not.

well, of course you can't take the whole style very serious - so it's not more than that (and not a favourite or something)...

Is it just a fad or more than that?

I had a search around HH last night while I streamed some PC music, and noticed this genre being well received here. Looking at the SXSW PC artists and all are added with the exception of SOPHIE, A few of 'em on the verge of a feature (QT already featured), too.

I get it, albeit don't particularly dig it, though its rise interests me.

Chroma-kei, fwiw was probably one of the better ones I heard - if you're looking for a new bubblegum fix.

We are pretty much divided here at GS about PC Music. Some of us love it, the others simply don't care. Personally I think it's just a trend.

Generically speaking, I noticed that all synth/electro pop acts are usually well receveid here on HH. Put a synth or a decent beat on a song and agrees will rain. Instead, good guitar-lead bands will have to sweat a lot to be feature. HumanHuman's discoverers care more about pop music and they get excited for it more easily.


99%... I'd feel bad if I hadn't agreed

I don't really think PC Music has something to do with this kind of electro pop. Their sound, influences, images and intentions seem different and more experimental. I also don't think their artists are well received here; Hannah Diamond and A. G. Cook are/have been struggling to get featured, even though they were praised by every big magazine.

PC Music will probably turn out to be a trend indeed, but I guess their sound might become influential. Madonna is the first to introduce this sound to the mainstream public, but given the popularity of bouncy pop, it's easy to imagine other stars copying her/PC Music. Moreover, PC Music is part of a broader movement that is omni-present in the current electronic scene right now. Artists like Arca use a similar high-tech style and genres as weightless grime are breaking through at this moment.

H.E.T wrote 3 years ago

Thomas Konings, I feel so educated now. Dank!

One of my favorites, wish I had been there to agree.

Her voice gives me that whole middle school "oooooo you like her don't you" feeling all over again, and I mean that in a good way.

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