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Sodwee and 29 other users successfully predicted 3 years ago that Her would become popular.

Her, a new project by a duo from Rennes (France), listen to their first single 'Quite Like' :

Quite Like by Her

BLOGGED : Introducing : Her, a new project by a duo from Rennes (France), listen to their first single 'Quite Like' here : wp.me/pX9v8-5T3

Senne wrote 3 years ago

Signed to Kitsuné apparently.

… and members are from The Popopopops… (off records that is…) video coming in June…

off the record too !

Album soon (off the records also)

@Camelsandlions : very true ! Like the comparison...

Senne wrote 3 years ago

@Sodwee: Picture updated, so you can edit the description now. ;-)

@Senne, done hihi !

Live at Slow Jams in Paris on the 18th of June (at Nuba) along with Jones… Sounds real good !

D-Pulse remix is amazeballs :

HER - Quite Like (D-Pulse remix) by D-Pulse

VIDEO OUT next wednesday ! And it's sizzling haaawt !

Classy, groovey and you can feel they've had a pretty good try at live performances around the country. Now's the time to take the jet, and perform beyond the french borders. Is that why they've put their previous band on a hiatus ? You will find out soon enough Her and their classic songs that recall Apes & Horses, Jungle, and that "je-ne-sais-quoi" you can only find in that french accent, even if it's very discrete.

Watch the interwebz tomorrow as their debut music video goes viral and blows up amongst the blogs...

Her played live tonight to a select few at Silencio in Paris before they make their first appearance at Nuba this coming Thursday for Slow Jamz in company of the beautiful Jones. They played a short 5/6 track set including "Quite Like", mastered to perfection here. Can't wait to see them evolve on bigger stages and in front of larger crowds. They were suited up by some designer and will most probably be suited up for most of their live shows. Ladies. Keep your eyes peeled... Five-piece on stage : Keys, drums, bass and 2 lead vocals.


Senne wrote 3 years ago

Lovely write up, Ben. Can't wait to see that video clip!

Censorship issues with video. Hastily editing the final product for unlimited playback on popular video websites. Shouldn't be too long.

[TBC] Her - Quite Like to be featured on WEB promotion of Apple Music from next tuesday !


THey've blown on the blogosphere before, a second time and will be big... sooner or later...

Just give them "5 minutes" or a porn video to get there. They'll make it.

NEW VIDEO with a closer look at the band members :

Her - Union (Official Music Video)

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