Holly Herndon

Bert Bossaert and 13 other users successfully predicted 7 years ago that Holly Herndon would become popular.

Bert Bossaert wrote 7 years ago

Dark electronic dancemusic. Probably perfect to make zombies dance.

Senne wrote 7 years ago

Finallllly, he's back! :)

Bert Bossaert wrote 7 years ago

It was just a matter of time :)

Bert Bossaert wrote 6 years ago

Sounds good!

Free Anckaert wrote 6 years ago

This is very nice!

Blubb Blubb wrote 6 years ago

That vid by HH is crazy good!

Free Anckaert wrote 5 years ago

I saw her live tonight! Gosh, she's so great!

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