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Free Anckaert and 16 other users successfully predicted 3 years ago that JennyLee would become popular.

Warpaint's Jenny lee Lindberg solo project.
Album out December 11th via Rough Trade.

@Senne, please update the picture! Thank you! :)

jennylee - 'right on!' Album Trailer

Senne wrote 3 years ago

I've updated the picture, but I kind of feel like Free deserves to have this discovery. He added Jenny Lee already two months ago, unfortunately at a time where she still used a space in her name.


Sure Senne. We only checked for the new name before adding it. We have to delet this one?

Senne wrote 3 years ago

If Free wants I can make him the discoverer of this add. But I will need his confirmation first, of course.

Hey! That would be really kind of you!! :-) Thanks!

Oh hehe sorry EarsOnly, didn't see you comment ;-)

np, you deserve that comment ;)

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