Darn Market and 11 other users successfully predicted 6 years ago that Jungle would become popular.

emailed for more info. Will let youz know...

This is the only track they are sharing at the moment. The band doesn't want to share anything else. Tight lips : "There is really not much to know about the band"... as per management.

one of the best live bands i've seen ages. caught them once in NYC right before SX and then 3 times in Austin. this is not a joke, they're amazing.

Just back from their live performance in Paris. Something amazing just happened and I totally agree with Scheinberg !

The band drops hits after hits. How can you NOT like these guys ?? ahah.

'TIME' is definately a highlight and will be the next single to be released. They played 'Julia' too (b-side of aforementioned single ?).

Forgot to mention, they do sound very much like a modern take on Stereo MC's (at least the live set)... voilà. I'm sure JUNGLE will rock this summer like no other.


I'm on cloud nine. Peace out fools.

Look out for the new track tonight. It's on Zane's show as his hottest record.

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