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Kevin Morby

Hairy Mouth and 13 other users successfully predicted 4 years ago that Kevin Morby would become popular.

I'll pop that one in the description. Cheers for the heads up. I'm totally in love with his album. You heard it?

Over and over and over again, and I don't think I'll ever get tired of it. One of the best albums of 2013 if you ask me.

Senne wrote 4 years ago

I reckon that, the album is brilliant. So weird I only come across this now.

I missed him off my EOYL. I'd heard a couple of songs, but didn't commit to buying the album until January when it showed up in my local record shop. I haven't stopped listening since.

Waw this is great stuff. Weird indeed, I didn't know it either. I'm going to give the album a serious listen.

What? Still not featured? Come on people!

Senne wrote 4 years ago

All Of My Life

KEVIN MORBY - All Of My Life (Official Music Video)

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