Deep Shah and 37 other users successfully predicted 6 years ago that Låpsley would become popular.

Deep Shah wrote 6 years ago


The U.K.'s answer to Lorde?
17 years old
Electronic, Ambient, Acoustic

Sodwee wrote 6 years ago

agreeeeed "Station" is a #winner

Jorge Mir wrote 6 years ago

This is so good:

Painter by Låpsley

Senne wrote 6 years ago

I'm really digging this. Although I think “UK's answer to Lorde” isn't exactly the right description.

Jorge Mir wrote 6 years ago

Yeah, she is nothing like Lorde, but she is great.

Deep Shah wrote 6 years ago

fair point, though she doesn't seem to mind aha, she quoted it in her soundcloud description

Senne wrote 6 years ago

Ha, you're right! She's actually mentioning HumanHuman. How cool is that.

Deep Shah wrote 6 years ago

Exactly, pretty cool aha

musicthatwelike wrote 6 years ago

Painter is amazing. The earlier stuff I heard was less-so.

Sodwee wrote 5 years ago

About to / or has signed with some biggie label...

Deep Shah wrote 5 years ago

:D + premièring new track from new EP in the coming day(s) via Annie Mac

Sodwee wrote 5 years ago

New Music / Falling Short :

Falling Short by Låpsley

Disco Naïveté wrote 5 years ago

so so so great

Senne wrote 5 years ago

Most agreed on artist on HumanHuman.

Disco Naïveté wrote 5 years ago

publishing to Universal, but actually signed to XL ;)

Blubb Blubb wrote 5 years ago

Still able to agree on her? :D Would expect her to be turning over a steady increase by now, superb talent.

Deep Shah wrote 5 years ago


Sodwee wrote 5 years ago

Understudy EP out next year is a little 4-track thang :
1/ Falling Short
2/ Brownlow
3/ 8896
4/ Dancing

Christopher Nolte wrote 5 years ago

Man XL just constantly kills it. Really dig this. And AWESOME she mentioned humanhuman!

Senne wrote 4 years ago

So disappointed by Hurt Me. I was hoping she would never go in that direction…

H.E.T wrote 4 years ago

It doesn't even sound like Lapsley anymore...

Blubb Blubb wrote 4 years ago

I'm afraid to listen now. :D

Blubb Blubb wrote 4 years ago

Oh, this is brilliant, breath of fresh air in comparison with previous work.

Senne wrote 4 years ago

Haha, I kind of expected this. She will definitely reach a bigger audience with this more poppy sound, so in HumanHuman terms this is definitely a good thing.

Blubb Blubb wrote 4 years ago

No, for Lapsley it's a good thing, it shows another side to her music, and that's the key point in this track - she's able to deliver those soaring vocals, potential for a banger, it's exciting really, for the future.

Interestingly, it was only a few weeks ago, Oh Wonder, were criticised for not offering diversity in their releases.

Disco Naïveté wrote 4 years ago


musicthatwelike wrote 4 years ago

I likkkeee ittttt. <3

Roelheid wrote 4 years ago

Loving the new track! Also one of the best performances I saw at Lowlands

Yne wrote 4 years ago

Officially obsessed with Hurt Me

Deep Shah wrote 4 years ago

Debut Album "Long Way Home" out March 4!

Sodwee wrote 4 years ago

Indeed, I wasn't so impressed with it compared to what she had previously released in the EP format. I thought it was a little scattered all over the place for a debut album.

Let's wait n' see with a few more listens.

Matthew Kent wrote 4 years ago

The album is amazing!

Sodwee wrote 3 years ago

Låpsley - Cliff (Official Audio)

Deep Shah wrote 3 years ago

Long Way Home, the debut album - out now! :)

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