SelfBlown and 21 other users successfully predicted 6 years ago that Lany would become popular.

SelfBlown wrote 6 years ago

Very smooth soulful pop from the USA. No more information at the moment, just two songs on the soundcloud. Not the girl in the picture.


Missy Scheinberg wrote 6 years ago

this is awesome!

Sodwee wrote 6 years ago

Indeed sounds a little like Jungle introduction to the world !

HENRY+ wrote 6 years ago

love walk away. bon iver x chromeo

Sodwee wrote 6 years ago

LANY IS : Leslie Priest, Jake Goss and Paul Klein

Sodwee wrote 6 years ago

and featured by dusk !

Radrad Co wrote 6 years ago

WOW. Amazing!

Bastien wrote 5 years ago

New track on Tuesday

Sodwee wrote 5 years ago


Missy Scheinberg wrote 5 years ago

new single isn't as strong as the rest, though :(

Blubb Blubb wrote 4 years ago

"I Don't Care", has crept up on me, literally can't stop playing it, what a jam!

H.E.T wrote 4 years ago

Soooo good! ^

Sodwee wrote 4 years ago

new EP Make Out (available December 11th via Polydor Records)

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