Life is Better Blonde

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Swim Good (Frank Ocean Cover)

Swim Good (Frank Ocean Cover) by Life is Better Blonde

Senne wrote 2 years ago

This one was first and it's also the correct one. The one you've added has a hidden character at the end which obviously you can't see, but is displayed in the URL as %E2%80%8B. It is sometimes added when you copy / paste a link from an other website or application. That also explains why your discovery has 0 listeners.

👍 then you can transmit the agrees to this one, if this is even possible.

After releasing his stunning debut via Majestic Casual last year, Life Is Better Blonde is back with Andrei Eremin assisted new single “Strange Organism” - a keen commentary on the voyeuristic nature of social media

Strange Organism by Life is Better Blonde

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