Little Daylight

lovepie and one other user successfully predicted 7 years ago that Little Daylight would become popular.

lovepie wrote 7 years ago

After spending much of 2012 providing the great and good of the music world with official remixes (think Passion Pit, Freelance Whales, Temper Trap and St. Lucia). The three friends that comprise of Little Daylight have finally found time to record and release their own material. ‘Overdose’ is a stomping pop track which features snarling synths, a cheerful vocal and a rather catchy melody. They’ve clearly been taking pop tips from the afore mentioned artist that they’ve remixed for this has all the flashings of St. Lucia and Freelance Whales. The three piece will be preforming a live show at this years SXSW festival. You can also hear all Little Daylights remixes over on their Soundcloud.

Overdose by Little Daylight


Free Anckaert wrote 7 years ago

1367 listeners too late, but really nice! :-)

Blubb Blubb wrote 6 years ago

Love Stories by Little Daylight

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