Lynette Williams

MusicalHeARTBeat and 36 other users think Lynette Williams is promising.

MusicalHeARTBeat wrote 3 years ago

No Ordinary Love by Lynette Williams

thisisnottheradio wrote 2 years ago


Pink Passionfruit wrote 2 years ago

No Difference by Lynette Williams

Sam M wrote 2 years ago

This Must Be The Place by Lynette Williams

Spirit Animal wrote 2 years ago

King of Carrot Flowers by Lynette Williams

Take What You Need wrote 2 years ago

Light by Lynette Williams

Dont Panic wrote 2 years ago

Love Thee, Not Chaos by Lynette Williams

HighClouds wrote 2 years ago

OMG I realised we did not agree on Lynette yet! Shame.

Sodwee wrote 2 years ago

SHe's taking off like a 🚀

outer space wrote 2 years ago


detroit hoodie wrote 2 years ago

she's amazing.

moon gaze wrote 2 years ago

she's so good

Senne wrote 2 years ago

The algorithms are doing their work! 💪 26 agrees but still 80% promising. 14 of the 26 agrees are from fake accounts :-)

HighClouds wrote 2 years ago

She deserves 100% anyways.

M Dubs wrote 2 years ago

yes she does.

Pink Passionfruit wrote 2 years ago

agreed. not exactly sure what this senne character is talking about.... but she's amazing.

WHDB wrote 2 years ago

hmmm I don't know senne, she was at 30% only a couple days ago. looks like somebody likes her. including me. show some love man.

Dont Panic wrote 2 years ago

senne, she's incredible. maybe its the algorithm that's not.

H.E.T wrote a year ago

She's good yeah, but that's not what Senne is saying... an artist shouldn't get to 100% promising based on agrees from fake accounts, they should get there with agrees from genuine users. In any case, the people have spoken and now she's a Promising Discovery!

Pink Passionfruit wrote a year ago

i'm confused how we even got to fake accounts. why are they fake ? feels like it takes away from her just simply being amazing ... anyway, all love here.

musicthatwelike wrote a year ago

We got bots?! >: )

Buzzle wrote a year ago

Hey Music passionates, in our Buzzle tool , this Lady is definitevely rising, score of 66 which is almost viral !

detroit hoodie wrote a year ago

wow Buzzle! that's amazing!

thisisnottheradio wrote 8 months ago

sucks that humanhuman would use their resources to talk shame and such about a promising artist ... humanhuman shows little humanity.

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