Disco Naïveté and 17 other users successfully predicted 7 years ago that MORLY would become popular.

Disco Naïveté wrote 7 years ago

Female producer from Minneapolis

female bass


Camels & Lions wrote 7 years ago


@enjoythismusic wrote 7 years ago

Holy moly, I'm in love with this bass! :D

Disco Naïveté wrote 6 years ago


Morly - Maelstrom by Secret Songs

Bastien wrote 6 years ago

She signs with Cascine. Here's the first single from her debut EP out next month.
'And Sooner Than We Know It...'

Morly - And Sooner Than We Know It... by CASCINE

H.E.T wrote 6 years ago

"Drone Poem (In Defense Of My Muse) via Cascine

Morly - Drone Poem (In Defense Of My Muse) by CASCINE

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