Ground Decibels and 18 other users successfully predicted 4 years ago that Mahalia would become popular.

Ground Decibels wrote 4 years ago

Singer/songwriter from the UK.


Ground Decibels wrote 4 years ago

"We The Generation" with Rudimental -->

Rudimental - We The Generation feat. Mahalia [Official Video]

Ground Decibels wrote 4 years ago

New song "Maisie" -->

Maisie by Mahalia

Blubb Blubb wrote 4 years ago

Beautiful music, GdD.

Ground Decibels wrote 4 years ago

Never Change EP is available.

Never Change EP by Mahalia

Urban Soul wrote 4 years ago

Mahalia - Never Change - #DiaryOfMe

Miguel Pellitero wrote 3 years ago

yes, yes, yes.

Back Up Plan by Mahalia

Phil Lihp wrote 3 years ago

Her performance at the Spiegeltent during The Great Escape Festival 2016 was incredible. She's so genuine and her voice is amazing.

H.E.T wrote 3 years ago

Mahalia - Back Up Plan - #DiaryOfMe

Mahalia - Never Change - #DiaryOfMe

Ground Decibels wrote 3 years ago

94% promising ! Last chance before 10k :)

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