Niels Bruwier and 20 other users successfully predicted 4 years ago that Maximillian would become popular.

Hillydilly.com wrote 4 years ago

going to be the next sam smith.

Discobelle wrote 4 years ago

Maximillian - Hey Now / Pink + White (Live Cover)

M a x (Roving Waves) wrote 4 years ago

an 18-year-old singer from Copenhagen destined for greatness.

M a x (Roving Waves) wrote 4 years ago

Picture ?

Symbiosis Blog wrote 3 years ago

Maximillian // Heard (draft)

Deer du Bois wrote 3 years ago

Maximillian // Strangers

INDIEARTST wrote 2 years ago

It is nearly impossible to match the power of "Hey Now" performed by London Grammar - just an amazing song. Maximillian does a very good job of placing his own vocal power and talent into the song and I agree with the previous comment, got that Sam Smith vibe working.

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