musicthatwelike and 13 other users successfully predicted 6 years ago that Mega would become popular.

Blubb Blubb wrote 6 years ago

I added this band today, just browsing your uploads there - and assume your LFM link is wrong? let me know so as I can delete if it's 'Mega..' you're fronting. :)

Correct link on my page/doesn't direct here.

musicthatwelike wrote 6 years ago

Haha, thanks! So kind of you! Actually they are just called 'mega' though, i added them both orinally but removed 'mega..' already. :)

musicthatwelike wrote 6 years ago

Haha, actually both are good! This one might end up going with FKA Mega though - in the vein of 'Twigs' after realising how common this name is..

Phil Lihp wrote a year ago

I'm agreeing, but for another Mega (+2mio plays on Spotify)

Mega - Chariot | Mahogany Session

SelfBlown wrote 10 months ago


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