Nadine Carina

ORANGE PEEL and 12 other users think Nadine Carina is promising.

ORANGE PEEL wrote 6 years ago

Nadine Carina – White Moon by Oh, Sister Records

Nadine Carina - The Love by onthecamperrecords

ORANGE PEEL wrote 6 years ago

ok get into this! really looking forward to the whole LP «Never Been To Heaven», which will be out later this year!

Nadine Carina – By The Lake by Oh, Sister Records

Senne wrote 6 years ago

Just listened to her EP “Things That People Love To Remember” from 2013 and I must say my expectations for her forthcoming debut LP are HIGH. That EP is such a good record! A bit Banoffee x SALES x Molly Nilsson.

ORANGE PEEL wrote 6 years ago

new sweet track of her forthcoming record!

Nadine Carina – Crystal Eyes

ORANGE PEEL wrote 6 years ago

soundcloud! «Never Been To Heaven» Albumstream

Nadine Carina – Never Been to Heaven by Oh, Sister Records

ORANGE PEEL wrote 5 years ago

Nadine Carina – U R FAR by Oh, Sister Records

serious new music & not too late to agree ;)

Senne wrote 2 years ago

After 4 years of silence, Nadine Carina’s new single December is out now. Her new album Reverie is coming out on November 22nd.

Nadine Carina - December (Official Video)

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