Sodwee thinks Nitetides is promising.

Nitetides began as the soul jazz project of vocalist Nailah Middleton and bassist Alex Hamberger. The pair met in 2014 while attending the California Institute of the Arts, and it wasn’t long before their joint appreciation for bands like Zero 7, Hiatus Kaiyote, and Little Dragon led them to writing together. Over time, their sound emerged as narrative and lyrical while exploratory and open for improvisation. Sci-fi novels, tarot cards, the sun, and the planets became their inspiration, and Middleton and Hamberger assembled the right group of players to help channel the sounds of the sky.

Nitetides has been playing together since late 2015. Their forthcoming releases were recorded at Beacon Street Studios in Venice, California. As they continue to grow as a cohesive unit, they will reach beyond the stars to inform their alt/soul jazz sound.


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