Sodwee and 24 other users successfully predicted 8 years ago that Nylo would become popular.

Sodwee wrote 8 years ago

Think The Weeknd meets Aaliyah and you get Nylo. A Chicago born singer / songwriter that released this beautiful “Memories Speak” EP a few months ago to the masses via her website and Soundcloud. For our enjoyment and boy does she deliver. We really dig her track “Sugar On The Floor”. But the whole EP is worth a few plays and the gal herself describes her music as ”music that sounds like snow.“ :


Sodwee wrote 8 years ago

SHE DEFO NEEDS to get agreeds from you guys !

Sodwee wrote 8 years ago

Hello, NyLo wants some love.

Sodwee wrote 8 years ago

finally... thought she was never gonna seduce any of you guys ! One agree is a good start... MORE ?

Sodwee wrote 8 years ago

She did a featuring with Blackbear too.

Sodwee wrote 7 years ago

...Aaaannd she signed ??

Sodwee wrote 6 years ago

Just had to listen to her stuff again ! She's still very much current to my ears. Don't you think ?

Lex Low wrote 6 years ago

Current bunzzz

Sodwee wrote 5 years ago

Maybe she needs a feature once and for all ?? It's kinda obvious no ?

Sodwee wrote 5 years ago

Rent Free & Sugar On The Floor are MUST LISTENS

musicthatwelike wrote 5 years ago

It's weird, a lot of things that are 'good' get featured while a lot of things (I believe are better) just kinda sit. Think there's definitely a distinct humanhuman 'taste' to consider.

Yne wrote 5 years ago


kwame's picks wrote 5 years ago

I agree with what musicthatwelike says, there's definitely a certain bias that goes on.

That's human nature I guess.

Sodwee wrote 5 years ago

And I believe it also very much depends on who discovers the said band and what kind of clout that person has within the community/industr... Correct me if I'm wrong.

Sodwee wrote 5 years ago

Otherwise, I really think that participating blog owners and influencers should collectively help in jumpstarting a FEATURED band/artist. Maybe that's an idea for Senne and some future HumanHuman awards... dunno.

Disco Naïveté wrote 5 years ago

I think the question whether an acts get featured does not solely depend on the HumanHuman community but heavily relies on the blogosphere that are not necessarily part of the HH community... when something 'blows up' elsewhere, people are more likely to try to add that act to HumanHuman and agree to it if they see it's already been added. If there is hardly any coverage, there are less searches and therefore less agrees. I think Senne has some insight on how many times some acts have been searched on here and mentioned these kind of things on Twitter already.

Like Sodwee says, another aspect is who of the HH community discovers (or agrees to) the band. I don't think it necessarly depends on who this user is, but rather on the amount of people following them (and their activity within the community). Users with more following immediately give more exposure to their discovery/agree because their followers see this action in their timeline, whereas someone with a smaller following only speaks 'directly' to a smaller group of people.

Senne wrote 5 years ago

While HumanHuman is clearly influenced by what's trending in the blogosphere, it's also true that discoveries can get featured without this external influence. Sometimes a HumanHuman feature even creates (and not follows) a cascading hype effect in the blogosphere. This is mainly because we have so many bloggers in our community.

As for popular users having more influence, I also try to promote acts within HumanHuman independently from the discoverer’s reputation or followers count. For example with lists like “recently agreed on a lot lately” or our occasional Staff Pick on social media. But I agree this can get much better, especially when our community continues to grow like it does now.

Rick Moreno (Duly Noted Records) wrote 5 years ago

It might be cool to highlight a few particular users every week so they stand out more. There's currently about 20-30 of us that trust each others opinions causing a little swell. (much like everything outside HH)

I guess sometimes unless we're already following somebody then there's no way to know about them & how good their discoveries are?

Sodwee wrote 5 years ago

Just throwing ideas out there... I find that recent agrees "get lost" in the stream of new adds on the inbox page (that might just be me following soo many people lol). A two column feed could maybe solve this, but I understand if it's not relevant to most users.

kwame's picks wrote 5 years ago

I think human human is one of the most non-biased things in the blogosphere.

Some bias is inevitable.

The Undscvrd wrote 5 years ago

A forum/discussion area would probably work better than commenting on an artists page. But I completely agree with Musicthatwelike, there's a lot of discoveries that are better which just sit & don't get agrees or features. Perhaps because it gets lost in the feed or we aren't following users to be able to see it, but even if we are, it does seem that's where the industry is atm. Only basing exposure depending on who discovered it & the 'clout that person has in the industry', and while it's touching on a different issue, I've noticed that in my overall experience of pushing out artists who demonstrate potential with bloggers who have more reach, it's again a matter of how well they're known & a case of shunning the smaller people. If it continues, I think we'll all be missing out on some really good discoveries. Ben I think LAAKE would be a good example.

This debate could get lengthy, but I feel like HumanHuman has tons of potential & although there should be a few changes in terms of usability which i'd be happy to feedback on, we need to first realize that we're meant to be a community & that means connecting with each other no matter how big or small our blogs are, genre we cover & what our status in the industry is. If we became less bitchy and work on that, help each other out, I feel like HH could really take off & be the sole community which influences the breakout artists of today & what becomes a hit in the blogosphere. Even if not for us, for the artists who deserve to be recognized.

fonchi wrote 5 years ago

I agree 100% and is appropriate to point out that not all of us are running a blog. So it's not easy to get the "trust" from other fellow HumanHumans.
IMHO this is one of the best places to read, learn and expand my horizons.
Thank you all for that.

Sodwee wrote 3 years ago



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