Oh Wonder

Hillydilly.com and 16 other users successfully predicted 6 years ago that Oh Wonder would become popular.

Senne wrote 6 years ago

“Previously known as Wonder Wonder. Turns out someone had a similar band name...”

Blubb Blubb wrote 6 years ago

Oh Wonder-ful. Aye, indeed.

kwame's picks wrote 6 years ago

They easily win the award of "most blog coverage ever received for successive songs that sound extremely similar"

Yup I went there

Oblivious Pop wrote 6 years ago

^totally agree!

kwame's picks wrote 6 years ago

Man you really dug in there.

Well I'll totally ditto the push for more Layla solo stuff!

Rick Moreno (Duly Noted Records) wrote 6 years ago

The proposition isn't really "real" is it? All their songs bar 1 or 2 are B-side feeling.

Total respect for them finding their groove though. They do what they do to a good online level. They're really hardworking which is a great example to bands.

Oblivious Pop wrote 6 years ago

I feel like their stuff has grown a little bit since first starting the project. I noticed the first couple of songs they released sounded exactly the same and they really don't take off and scream massive hit. That being said they did sell out all of their shows here in NYC for the fall which can say that there is hype behind them. I'm intrigued to see how the album release goes since it appears they are releasing everything that's going to be on it before the album drops.

That being said I would love for more solo music from Layla, but part of me feels like we won't be getting that for a while with how "well" this project has been doing.

kwame's picks wrote 6 years ago

This isn't really a reflection them, they are indeed a great band doing their thing.

It's just strange why every month everyone gets so up for their release since we know what its going to sound like beforehand.

I just don't see that kind of treatment with any other band.

If you look at the Hype Machine blog statistics (hypem.com/search/oh%20wonder) you will notice they have gotten a minimum of 25 blogs to cover each of their songs.

And in addition to that they are monthly featured on some of the biggest youtube channels such as Majestic Causal, Mr Suicide Sheep, La Belle Musique, etc...

Even artists that are pretty hyped like Tep No aren't even close to this kind of push.

Now the question is: Is this a genuine attempt of bloggers to give people what they want? In other words, is it really the fans in the indie music scene who get the most up for a similar variation on a B-side sound?

Honestly, I think yes, that's the main reason for their hype.

Blubb Blubb wrote 6 years ago

I've been enjoying their releases all year, and ain't blogging, so a genuine fan of their music in that sense. Lovely music.

Going Solo wrote 6 years ago

As Rick said, they're really working hard on their music and on the album launch. They probably have a good publicist, but they're also continuing to send emails personally, which is something usually appreciated. That's why, imho, they get a wide coverage every time they release a song.

However, their decision to unveil one song per month 'till the album release makes me lose interest for the record itself. I mean.. I have basically already listened to it, right?

H.E.T wrote 6 years ago

The one-track-per-month release strategy is becoming increasingly popular with indie bands - take GRRL PAL who were just featured as an example. These days artists face a struggle against the consumer's shortening attention span, which means they need to create a hype through whatever means possible. Sometimes this is a sudden album drop, but the hype comes in one big wave so doesn't last too long. Sometimes it's a social media gimmick (*cough* The 1975 *cough*), which is annoying but gets people talking.

I agree that Oh Wonder have much to be desired with the diversity of their music, and I also agree that they have a couple of solid singles out there. However, I disagree with slating their publicity methods, because they're clearly doing a good job of it.

Yne wrote 6 years ago

I prefer their previous projects over this but they're clearly enjoying it and it's going well for them so. I've not listened to all the tracks so the album can still surprise me

Disco Naïveté wrote 6 years ago

I'm on the same path as The Indie Curator: haven't wrote a word about them but love them and are a 100% positive they are in it for big things. Fits right up there with The xx and London Grammar.

Admittingly the first few tracks all sound very similar, but they have really grown in sound and the newer tracks are really spectacular. One thing that's going to be frustrating is that we get an album with songs that we've all heard.

I think their "1 song a month" technique is really simple but very smart in these times. It’s a very modern-day approach in which they speak and connect directly with fans, offering them something new on a monthly basis, without much a of buzz pre-single, and without having to deliver that one "big single" most artists have to bring out. They're all about a steady build towards a full album of songs that all stand on their own, without one or two popping out of it as obvious singles - I really like that.

Oblivious Pop wrote 6 years ago

The single's a month things has definitely been a move a lot of artists have been picking up on. I definitely like it a lot more for the Jari stated above. I think a move like works well for certain projects and it definitely is working well for Oh Wonder. I know the Chainsmokers have picked up on doing this as well with their releases. There is definitely something about it that I feel goes a lot better with streaming becoming more of a major player in releases than physical sales.

Rick Moreno (Duly Noted Records) wrote 6 years ago

All good points above.

Just wanted to chip in & just add Oh Wonder are definitely not the first to drop one track a month. They were however the first to say publicly they were doing it. I've been doing it with a few of my artists on EP campaigns for 3-4 months. The reason why we've never done more in a row is quality isn't born once-a-month. It's also because of traditional media (radio, print, and not for my acts - tv) cannot keep up with the schedule.

For online media we can all agree the original song itself is usually the strongest interest so I guess going one song a month instead of 1 every three months with a bunch of remixes and a video is better for us as fans. It cuts the noise out.

Those Youtube channels & HypeM/blog quarters cannot break an artist alone in most cases unfortunately. This further makes me feel Album 1 is just a set up record for a more traditional campaign on Album 2 where they expand. It's going well for them so far in a sense they already sell some ticket, get a few radio spins & are powerful (ish) on streaming but the challenge is still very much there - radio, the biggest carrier in most countries, would in my opinion probably only playlist one of those tunes which might not be enough - so looking ahead to record 2 is the true acid test.

kwame's picks wrote 6 years ago

I would just like to say AMEN to Duly Noted's point that original songs are more interesting than a video/remix/cover of a song we've already heard.

Yne wrote 6 years ago

True dat.

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