gold-in-the-air and 9 other users successfully predicted 7 years ago that PHOX would become popular.

gold-in-the-air wrote 7 years ago

seven pals from Wisconsin // female lead-singer, unique voice // influenced by Mountain Man with more of the electronic and indierock stuff

PHOX UNBLUSHING EP, released June 2012 on Bavid Records
FRIENDSHIP, selfreleased on September 2012
CONFETTI EP, selfreleased February 2013

PHOX // Confetti - "Blue and White"

Ali wrote 7 years ago

So lovely

chewbone wrote 5 years ago

wonderful. this is one of those special "grows on you".


PHOX - 1936 (Carousel Remix) by Carousel (Official)

Phox - Slow Motion by Votiv

PHOX - Slow Motion (Sylvan Esso Remix) by phoxband

PHOX "Noble Heart"

PHOX, "KINGFISHER" // Live for WAMU 88.5's Bandwidth

PHOX - Audiotree Live

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