Parachute Youth

Jan Van Wynsberghe successfully predicted 9 years ago that Parachute Youth would become popular.

Jan Van Wynsberghe wrote 9 years ago

Matt K Von And Jonny Castro are Parachute Youth, a super hot Australian duo originating from Sydney and Adelaide respectively, who met two years a go at a boring shindig, six or seven guys just bonging around the couch. After thirty minutes they left the less - than - party, went home, got arty and made their first track, titled “It Can’t get better than this”. By default the bong had created an incredible team

Previous to this less than spectacular meet, Matt worked as an Avionics Technician in the airforce, working on jet fighters (hence the name Parachute youth). Johnny had played at festivals such as Big Day Out with local outfit Def Starr (playing synth) with some success with their remix of Fences by Phoenix. Witness to his mastery of chords and be further amazed he is self taught ! After some months the boys left their home towns, left their girlfriends, sold their cars moved moved to Paris.

In the two years since the boys first worked together they teamed up with a completely blown away Ajax from Sweat it Out Records (begging them to come back from France) who in turn recruited a completely bowled over Sam La More to engineer the single “Can’t Get Better Than This”. At times it was a difficult process, not wanting to curb the raw appeal of the group, but in the end Parachute Youth prevailed.

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