Project Maldonado

Camels & Lions and 9 other users think Project Maldonado is promising.

Sodwee wrote 8 years ago

Seraphim is beyond real ! LOVE IT !

Camels & Lions wrote 8 years ago

seraphim is my favourite, too! just great music...

Sodwee wrote 8 years ago

"This situation just got ugly [...] I tell you I saw it, I saw it, I saw it // The drugs are still lurkin' in my system // Hold my veins with a thickening sickness // The flashbacks are wild [...] I was drugged up. Shiiiit. We were fucked up"

Sodwee wrote 8 years ago

Confessions is another hit !

musicthatwelike wrote 8 years ago


Free Anckaert wrote 8 years ago

Wow, really good

Sodwee wrote 8 years ago

This was my choice for our francophone #Flashmoblogging summer edition !

Blubb Blubb wrote 5 years ago

Taking a long time to follow-up, hopefully worth it.

Sodwee wrote 5 years ago

Popup project ?

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