Disco Naïveté and 30 other users successfully predicted 5 years ago that Pumarosa would become popular.

Disco Naïveté wrote 5 years ago

Coming soon.

Mtthw wrote 5 years ago

Saw them live a while back, debut "Priestess" premieres on Beats1 tonight

Blubb Blubb wrote 5 years ago

DN can you transfer this over my way, been waiting on 'em taking off for a wee bit now, however looks like they've made a slight change to the name. humanhuman.com/music/PUMA+ROSA

ORANGEPEEL wrote 5 years ago

oh this feels good!

Priestess by PUMAROSA

Going Solo wrote 5 years ago

I was sure to have agreed on them a month ago

Blubb Blubb wrote 5 years ago

HA! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Sodwee wrote 5 years ago

FEATURED ! Happy Days.

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