Senne and 20 other users successfully predicted 7 years ago that Quarterbacks would become popular.

Senne wrote 7 years ago

They have two very short singles out on Double Double Whammy (Frankie Cosmos) and their Soundcloud profile is an inspiring mix of own material and obscure songs by Jens Lekman, Mount Eerie and Destroyer.

My guts tell me that more good stuff is coming from these guys.

Going Solo wrote 6 years ago

New version of "Center"

QUARTERBACKS-Center by Team Love Records

A self-titled LP will be released early next year

Going Solo wrote 6 years ago

Well deserved

Senne wrote 6 years ago

Two 1 minute tracks from their upcoming LP which is set for release on February 10th.


QUARTERBACKS-Pool by Team Love Records

Not in Luv

QUARTERBACKS-Not In Luv by Team Love Records

Going Solo wrote 6 years ago

Dean is a great songwriter in my opinion

Senne wrote 5 years ago

Verrrry slowly getting to 100%. :-)

Thomas Konings wrote 5 years ago

'Quarterbacks' is one of my favorite records of the year

Senne wrote 5 years ago


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