Ryn Weaver

Yne and 25 other users successfully predicted 4 years ago that Ryn Weaver would become popular.

the fact Marina & Jessie Ware tweeted about this almost at the exact same moment basically screams MAJOR LABEL

Has also worked with Michael Angelakos from Passion Pit, Benny Blanco, and Cashmere Cat

Haha, I think it's kind of funny that an artist without listeners is featured

Senne wrote 4 years ago

Picture doesn't sync either. Looks kind of dumb now... Hopefully Last.fm updates her profile page soon.

as long it's not a free download it won't be that much I think. at least not until it's available on Spotify etc.

Senne wrote 4 years ago

I'm actually seeing lots of live scrobbles from Spotify, iTunes and HypeMachine on her Last.fm page. Still not reflecting in the stats though.

Senne wrote 4 years ago

⇡ I agree

Very good. It's funny they are not revealing the major behind it but who cares. If for some reason it isn't signed, her manager needs to be up for an award for the set-up. Too good!

yep, she's all signed - major label and everything. i agree that the setup was great, but it was soooo inorganic, which makes me sad.

she has +25k followers on instagram. bit weird.

Each track is superbly produced, vocally though? I get bored easily with her, too many strong female acts this year for her to come close to high rotation. Mainstream success is a sure hit & that's all good.

now that it's basically public knowledge: she's on Interscope lol

:D She was on that horse from the first wind. The blogosphere though, is all over it as something remarkable, I don't get the WOAH,. went over my head this one.

I agree Stay Low is great!

It's all good. Agree with The Indie Curator that I'm yet to hear the WOAH but Octahate was a wicked intro... The rest are just OK

Yne wrote 4 years ago

She hit 10k!

just saw her first NYC show. pleasantly surprised!

Yne wrote 4 years ago

All the cool things happen in NYC!

Cashmere and Benny Blanco were obviously spotted. and her drummer is from The Walkmen. she's got another low-profile Brooklyn show Thursday and is then doing a bunch of bigger CMJ shows. i see big things in her future.

Are you saying that interview is complete bullshit?

Hang on so who was in on it, was Time Magazine in on it?

How much of her launch was manipulated and how much was organic?

Just curious

Okay I looked into this a bit myself, this was the best of the skeptical reports dailydot.com/entertainment/ryn-weaver-octahate

I tend to think this wasn't a carefully orchestrated scheme by "men with suitcases." The main guy behind Ryn seems to be Benny, so however much power you consider Benny is hiding I guess that's how much power Ryn is hiding.

Well her album is out, anyone want to deliver a verdict?

Typical debut album in my eyes. There are a few great new ones, but half of it is already release music so it can get boring quickly.

Yne wrote 3 years ago

I prefer the EP.

aside from the EP tracks, this is a flop.

Stick with what I said 10 months ago, boring.

I agree about the EP. I really like 'Free' though.

Should've just called it 'The Flop' instead

Damn not what I was expecting.

I have to agree I'm a bit disappointed in Ryn's product, but I'm not surprised because she was pushed too fast and so instead of having to really work her way up to some of the opportunities she got (Letterman, radio), they were just given to her and that ultimately compromised the creative process.

I still believe this girl is talented. The original Octahate video demonstrated that to me, and I believe if she can get back to that, the real Ryn, she can still go on to do great things.

I was actually extremely disappointed as well when they re-did the Octahate video. The new one is boring and goes nowhere with the story where as the original was fun and cute and totally grasped the quirkiness Ryn has. I think she has talent as a songwriter, but we'll see where she goes over time.

Cannot remember agreeing to Ryn's antics... she must've had something going against her at the time. dunno. Not a fan.

Interesting comments about the video. Especially considering her tweet about it; “So I hated my first Octahate video and decided to have a food fight with my best friend instead,”.

Do you really think she hated it? If so, which one is her real 'Ryn-ness', the one you guys think captures her, or the one she thinks captures herself (or is it back to the 'men in the back').

100% agree with Oblivious Pop about the her debut LP

Yeah I think she lost her poise, her sense of mental balance and forgot who she really was in all the parties, industry meetings and media promo.

There were indications from the beginning that she did not have a real grip on things as she kept referring to herself as a "producer."

It's easy to buy into the hype other people are throwing at you, just like it's easy to buy into their condemnation. The artists that can survive in this industry know not to listen to either.

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