Kay Vloeberghs and 15 other users successfully predicted 8 years ago that SOHN would become popular.

Kay Vloeberghs wrote 8 years ago

minimalistic electronics + great voice

musicthatwelike wrote 7 years ago


Sodwee wrote 7 years ago

Announces new tour dates + Tempest (Unplugged at Casino Baumgarten in Vienna) :

SOHN - Tempest (Unplugged at Casino Baumgarten, Vienna)

Blubb Blubb wrote 6 years ago

Expect some buzz over his Live Lounge cover of A Great Big World's 'Say Something', just ended a few minutes ago, lush version.

Sodwee wrote 6 years ago


Sodwee wrote 4 years ago

New single out 1st sept.

Buzzle wrote 4 years ago

SOHN - Conrad (Official Lyric Video)

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