One Shoe Records thinks SoNice is promising.

One Shoe Records wrote 4 months ago

SoNice , an acoustic band that mixes guitar, vocals and beatbox. They invite you to share a moment of pleasure with them for all occasions, galas, graduation parties, company parties, musical projects in schools and concerts. They will perform covers of great hits in a warm and humorous atmosphere. No drummer, but a human beatbox: Nino.G , who masters the rhythm and the staging. This is no ordinary cover band, this trio will fascinate and move you. The multi-talented guitarist TwentyFab will make you travel and discover the diversity of his repertoire. Singer EriKayne, with its particular tone of voice, will make you vibrate with its energy. Daring and passionate, he also plays guitar and piano. This trio was founded in 2018, the joy they experience together is felt in their show.

SoNice - Belle Cité

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