Terror Jr

Disco Naïveté and 23 other users successfully predicted 3 years ago that Terror Jr would become popular.

Disco Naïveté wrote 3 years ago

so.. soundtracking a Kylie Jenner ad + signed to Felix Snow label (also home to Kiiara).

Jince wrote 3 years ago

Felix Snow turns anything into trap-gold

musicthatwelike wrote 3 years ago

A little too similar to Kiiara, but okay.

Matthew Kent wrote 3 years ago

Second track! Still quite "Kiiara" but I guess that's actually Felix Snow's sound kinda

Sugar by Terror Jr

kwame's picks wrote 3 years ago

Gotta give respect to that beat

musicthatwelike wrote 3 years ago

lol, so who is it? :D

Going Solo wrote 3 years ago

The singer should be a girl named Lisa Vitale

MusicalHeARTBeat wrote 2 years ago

Terror Jr - Caramel

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