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The Visions

Deep Shah and 6 other users think The Visions is promising.

The Visions are brothers Ben and Michael Shugarman and longtime friend Ryan Brooks. They write, produce, record, and perform all of their music. Their sound lives at the intersection of pop and funk, in the possibility of a new destination, a different approach to songwriting.

Here's debut single "White Dress"

White Dress by The Visions Music

Synth-funk brilliance in their follow up, here's "Oceans"

Oceans by The Visions Music

great stuff, I feel a little Leisure in there too !

Some Magic City Hippie vibes in here, really smooth and layered.

Lush new track "Lookin For Ya"

Lookin For Ya by The Visions Music
(FFO Ben Khan / Jai Paul)

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