Thomas Konings and 23 other users successfully predicted 6 years ago that Thomston would become popular.

Thomas Konings wrote 6 years ago

"He’s 18 years old, he’s from New Zealand, he’s making alternative pop with sparse hip-hop production elements and layered vocals, and he’s already got major labels taking notice."


Missy Scheinberg wrote 6 years ago

ah you just beat me to it!

musicthatwelike wrote 6 years ago

Ugh the 'male lorde' comparisons are gonna be rampant.

Disco Naïveté wrote 6 years ago


dearskye wrote 6 years ago

there's actually a lot of Lorde influence in his songs (vocal style and lyrics) but just as much James Blake and other electronic influences. Great find! he's unsigned but blowing up already on the interwebs.

EarsOnly wrote 6 years ago

yeah - he's awesome!

Disco Naïveté wrote 6 years ago

signed to Saiko (who manage Lorde).

new song

Anaesthetic by Thomston

Yne wrote 6 years ago

can't believe I hadn't agreed before.

FADED GLAMOUR wrote 5 years ago

Caught his debut UK show at The Great Escape, really assured performance. Loving 'Expiry Date' -

Expiry Date by Thomston

musicthatwelike wrote 5 years ago

'kiwi-pop' lol 😘

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