Trevor Sensor

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Senne wrote 3 years ago

His voice is like a blend of Tallest Man on Earth and Jake Bugg.

Senne wrote 3 years ago

I agree, his voice is incredible. But how is this any different from Tallest Man on Earth? I'm afraid he'll be portrayed as a copycat from day one if he doesn't come up with something original. So I'm waiting for a second song to give him my agree.

Villains and Preachers // Mahogany Session

Trevor Sensor - Villains and Preachers | Mahogany Session

No getting away from TTMOE comparison, albeit a lil' Mumford towards the end.

Trevor Sensor - Texas Girls and Jesus Christ

Yes, he has exactly the same voice of TTMOE! Nonetheless he signed to Jagjaguwar, which will release his debut EP.

They should introduce like a "development fee" for the benefit of discoverers haha :)

Senne wrote 2 years ago

Still a copycat. The moment I hear his voice, he's lost my interest.

Is it just me, or are there more copycats lately? Your Friend's new album Gumption borrows SO MUCH from Lower Dens. There was the fuzz around SX vs FKA Twigs recently. And Westerman, who's plenty agreed on lately, is all too similar to José González.

Yep but in this case I think the resemblance is emphasized by the voice. Let's say we borrow ears from a friend who's a TTMOE's fan and we make him listen to this tune from Trevor Sensor, but lying to him saying that's Tallest' latest single... I think he will buy the lie easily

I heard this last week and thought it was TTMOE until now...

^ see??

I'm seeing "the original" TTMOE tonight anyway :)

That's a dilemma then. Born with a voice, that's made for this kind of music. Would be hard to find any other originality to add to this, and I don't think a genre change would be an option. And the songs are quite good, too. Even though music blogs and sites might have their reservations because of TTMOE, music is also a business, so at some point some bigger label might jump on it anyway. We'll see, I guess.

I also feel that this copycat-ing (if that's what you want to call it)) phenomenon occurs more and more. Westerman, yes good example. But I feel there are even more artists appearing recently, closely following the likes of Sam Smith, James Blake, etc., feels like I hear dozens of them each month.

Oh sorry, didn't read the Jagjaguwar part. Well.

In pop music there are dozens of copycats. I don't care 'till songs are good. Yes, I like when someone comes out of the blue with something completely new, which happens rarely nowadays. The guy here has this kind of voice, which fits perfectly with this kind of music. His songwriting is not that bad and I can see his music gets radio plays and stuff like that.. I guess the guys over at Jagjaguwar thought the same

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