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Vanessa Elisha

Sodwee and 24 other users think Vanessa Elisha is promising.

Is it just me or is that song not very good?

That's what I thought. Waiting for more.

Getting traction amongst blogs... She gunna be big or what ?


Vanessa Elisha - Out of Time (Prod By. XXYYXX) by Vanessa Elisha

Senne wrote 2 years ago

Whoa, discovered three years ago and suddenly a couple of new agrees. Something new is coming?

Three years in the making. Now featured. Pffffew.

She was also featured on this track, not that it has many listens, but I found it delightful:

Down (ft. Vanessa Elisha) by AndreaLo

Yeah that's from last year, SoundCloud shut down AndreaLo's original profile, he's began to upload some of his material.

Nothing playing