Disco Naïveté and 9 other users think Waterbaby is promising.

Disco Naïveté wrote 8 years ago

Waterbaby are London-sisters Martha and Jessica Kilpatrick, who sing “about love, hate, madness and dreams.” Their spiritual, somewhat goth sound - described by the sisters as “choral punk” - reminds us of the likes of the early Grimes tapes, Austra and Zola Jesus, but Waterbaby aim for a far more harmonious dark sound rather than a spellbinding one. Their first outputs are quite remarkable, with the 8 minute opus Shadows being simply something from outer space we’d like to listen to every night for the rest of our lives.

"Shadows" soundcloud.com/waterbabysound/shadows

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/waterbabysound
Bandcamp: waterbaby.bandcamp.com

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