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Oblivious Pop and 13 other users successfully predicted 4 years ago that White would become popular.

It's a shame that major labels force their signees to clean up their Soundcloud pages and use only Youtube/Vimeo. It's hard to perceive how much they're trending without HypeM.

Anyway the pic needs another couple of thumbs up

Senne wrote 3 years ago

I completely agree, it happens all too much. A pity…

(pic is updated)

in Germany you can't even see the vid on youtube

Sony's whole soundcloud ban is pretty stupid for bringing attention to their new artists. It prevents their music from being added to Hypem which is a huge disadvantage to them.

totally agree with Oblivious Pop ^^

inter alia, selfishly speaking, is also a big disadvantage for us. Blogs need to be regularly on HypeM.. we need that to attract traffic and new contacts. In short, to grow.

I like White, I want to support White, but I tend to prefer artists that allow me to be on HypeM. I don't know how you act on your blog, which rules you follow

I just saw that HypeM launched a new chart for videos, maybe it could be a solution to this unpleasant situation. I don't know yet how exactly does it work..

haha it's like hypem answered our prayers! I'm very intrigued to see how this works. I know when feature a video in a post I usually include a soundcloud embed if available so I'm interested to see if they will both show up.

All that being said this is definitely a step in the right direction =

let's blog about White with these beautiful YT elbed and start a trend yeah ?

the hypeM app isn't giving exposure to the video chart is it? (70-80% of their traffic comes from mobile users) It's probably not going to make waves yet. Very interesting though as SC is looking bleak. As soon as ads/subs occur people are leaving that ship.

@DNR : Not yet !

Senne wrote 3 years ago

@Duly: What do you mean with SoundCloud looking bleak and people leaving it because of ads/subscriptions? I think they've got the most important platform for beginning artists atm, and I don't see them losing that position anytime soon.

I already pay a sub to SC, simply because I love the platform they provide. It's far from bleak at present. Though the future is uncertain, hopefully it gets over major label hurdle.

I'll pay if the offer remains on the same level and will not drop in quality. But what happens if the artists and labels begin to leave from there?

I like to support, but I can't pay for all the existing music streaming services

Expect this to basically be the end of the soundcloud we know guys, the big boys are gonna push out the little fellas.

There's already way too much promo for wack C-grade label signees on there, and its only gonna get worse.

Today we posted about an artist who has his single only on Youtube. The post didn't make it to HypeM. I think they only count the 10 most blogged video, which is basically useless for small artists and also for us, 'cause we'll never post a Lana Del Rey video

@GoingSolo : useless indeed. I thought they'd track video in the same way as soundcloud embeds. Maybe in the next update...

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