Lotte Van de Werf and 27 other users successfully predicted 8 years ago that YellowStraps would become popular.

Lotte Van de Werf wrote 8 years ago

Gaining support from Lefto, Dream Koala and pigeons & planes website, these guys from Brussels (Belgium) are at ease when it comes to making dreamy music.
Their recent collaboration with French producer Le Motel combines best of both worlds. Smoky Beats & Smooth melodies.

YellowStraps x Le Motel - Pollen [Recording Session]

YellowStraps x Le Motel - Pollen by Le Motel

Alexander Spriet wrote 6 years ago

New song:

YellowStraps // Whirlwind Romance

Lekker Collective wrote 3 years ago

one of my favourite signings to Majestic Casual this year!

Blame EP by YellowStraps

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