Sodwee successfully predicted 5 years ago that Ylvis would become popular.

Someone discovered Gangnam. So why not Ylvis ???

Ylvis - The Fox :

Ylvis - The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) [Official music video HD]

puh, that's terrible, but that is not a criterion here...

True, but for me it is a criterion, I just can't agree if I don't like it ;)
The amount of last.fm listeners does not even come close to the YT plays ... ^^

unbelievable that peoplpe are so responsive to just any kind of togetherness in form of a group dance etc.where you can be part of something...
it's frightening

Yne wrote 4 years ago


If their first release was anything to go by, this will probably be in the charts. Crazy.

Now I totally regret this. I have to put up with that stupid red doodled image of theirs on my frackin' profile for ever.

Can I organize a DOWNVOTE-DRIVE on last.fm ?

but you have been very right: they have waaay more than 10000 listeners!

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