musicthatwelike and 19 other users successfully predicted 7 years ago that astronomyy would become popular.

musicthatwelike wrote 7 years ago


Things I'd Do For U (demo) by Astronomyy

Free Anckaert wrote 7 years ago

Completely deserved!!

musicthatwelike wrote 6 years ago

"In case you were wondering, I'm working on four songs for an extended play I'm releasing on vinyl in June"

Thomas Konings wrote 6 years ago

"Nothin On My Mind", quite disappointing imo

Nothin On My Mind by Astronomyy

musicthatwelike wrote 6 years ago

How good is this EP (and website) tho.

musicthatwelike wrote 6 years ago


Swim Deeper by Astronomyy

H.E.T wrote 5 years ago

astonomyy & Denai Moore - what a wondrous collaboration:

All I Need (feat. Denai Moore) by Astronomyy

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