pooping bird. and 40 other users successfully predicted 7 years ago that warhola would become popular.

Adriaan wrote 6 years ago

HRR :)

Thomas Konings wrote 6 years ago

today's final was rather :( though

paperrunning wrote 6 years ago

how so?

Thomas Konings wrote 6 years ago

Most of the bands just dissapointed me. I liked Yawns and Samowar in the semi-finals, but they both couldn't convince me today. Warhola is a deserved winner in my opinion, but they didn't really impress me either. What did you think?

Adriaan wrote 6 years ago

My opinion is that Warhola deserved to win but beside that I think the jury picked rather conservative. Only the pop -and rockbands made it to the finals, there were no Electronic acts, nothing urban like Hip Hop or R&B,...

Thomas Konings wrote 6 years ago

Indeed, not a single producer or r&b-singer was picked for the preselections.

Senne wrote 6 years ago

Isn't that what Humo's *Rock* Rally is all about?

Adriaan wrote 6 years ago

It definitely was at the beginning in '78 but now they should be a little more open minded, no?

Bastien wrote 5 years ago

debut single Unravel ::

Unravel by WARHOLA

Sodwee wrote 5 years ago

Belgium never ceases to amaze, WARHOLA is no different : wp.me/pX9v8-5Nb

pooping bird. wrote 5 years ago

I really really love that single. Can't wait for their debut to finally come out

M a x (Roving Waves) wrote 3 years ago

Expect their cosmic soundscapes combined with the haunting prettiness of the lead singer Oliver Symons’ falsetto vocals to hit the global electronic scene in a big way

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