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Barncore commented on YONAKA

4 days ago

It's like if Santigold sung with a hard rock band backing her.

I give it about 3 years before the industry shapes them into an electro-pop band.

Barncore commented on LXXE

17 days ago

This guy changed his name to "Fin" now i believe. Makes him kinda hard to search for.

Loved his 2016 track. Really curious to see what he does next, but it seems like radio silence at the moment

eurythmy by fin.

Barncore commented on YONAKA

17 days ago

They kind of give me memories of No Doubt. Rockin' band, potential starlet vocalist, and you can hear those pop songwriting formulas. It's easy to see them getting traction. Super marketable.

I get a bit of early Yeah Yeah Yeahs from them too.

Barncore commented on swooping duck

17 days ago

These guys are the keyboardist/bassist/drummer from Hiatus Kaiyote by the way. They have free creative reign in this project, and oh my what a force. I saw them live a few weeks ago in Melbourne and they blew my damn mind.

Barncore commented on FORQ

17 days ago

Interesting fusiony stuff. The bass player / composer from Snarky Puppy is the bass player in this group.

Forq - Taizo (Official Music Video)

Nothing playing