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CHRILLE discovered Jon Henrik Fjällgren

6 years ago

Jon Henrik Fjällgren

CHRILLE wrote 6 years ago

Last night (2014-05-18) was the final of Sweden's Got Talent. I was already 100% sure who I was cheering for though. I already knew after this season's 1st episode who I wanted to win it. And I was not the only one. One lad who seemingly came from nowhere took the stage. All shy and sensitive. He wanted to dedicate a joik* to a friend who had passed away. 3 minutes later people were crying. And about 3 months later, last night, he had won the whole competition.

His name? Jon Henrik Fjällgren.

*A joik (also spelled yoik) is a traditional Sami form of song. Originally, joik referred to only one of several Sami singing styles, but in English the word is often used to refer to all types of traditional Sami singing. According to music researchers, joik is one of the longest living music traditions in Europe, and is the folk music of the Sami people. Its sound is comparable to the traditional chanting of some Native American cultures.

Thank you Jon Henrik for being you.

Jon Henrik - Daniels Jojk | Talang Sverige 2014 (skip to 155s)

CHRILLE commented on R5

6 years ago

I feel generous tonight and thought I'd give an example of something I ACTUALLY DO LIKE. A track that gives me goosebumps all over my body. A tune so powerful that it penetrates every fiber of my SOUL. Holy motherfucking shit - to even COMPARE this epicness with other bullshit in the music industry is a joke.

So what is it? It's post-rock. It's Silent Whale Becomes A Dream.

There's no other genre that really touches my heart like this type of music. But unfortunately? It's not the kind of stuff that'll be a major hit. Not the kind of stuff the 'average joe' will tune in to. I wouldn't say that I necessarily care that much - but on a site like this? It's not the first thing that comes to mind when submitting. But goddammit... It's moments like these that makes me smile.

CHRILLE commented on R5

6 years ago

Can I be honest with you, roolvid? To come here and start preaching about what others can or cannot do, in terms of submitting bands depending on their taste or not, is bloody arrogant, mate, and that is where my problem lies in this conversation - you cannot expect that everyone on Human Human will follow your set of standards for submitting.

You got to understand that people do it for various purposes, some because they wanna keep track of their own favorite bands and others because they wanna gain a good reputation and see if they can spot the next big thing, regardless if it's to their own liking or not.

I'm not the kind of person who drools over mainstream stuff, I'm an incredibly picky person who basically hates the majority of stuff that is being made, whether it's music or movies, or even people for that matter - I'm hard to impress.

If I ONLY should submit stuff that _I_ like - my 'reputation' would be utter shit and I'd barely be able to submit anything, as a lot of stuff that I appreciate have over 10k listeners, and the ones that don't aren't exactly the type that becomes radio hits. How fun would that be? It would suck ass.

Therefore, I shall continue what I am doing with this account, and if that is something that pisses you off - who cares, really? I didn't join this site so a random German dude would give me his approval, did I?

CHRILLE commented on R5

6 years ago

I am deeply sorry for hurting your feelings for submitting an artist I believe have good chances of becoming popular one day on a site where the whole purpose is to do this very thing. Indeed, I've been a very naughty boy for not praising this lovely band with roses and sunshine - will you ever find it in your heart to forgive me? Please? It would mean the world to me to have your approval, mate. xx

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