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Latest promising artists

H.E.T commented on Vivienne Chi

3 months ago

Reason why I still sound SoundCloud, because you find gems like Vivienne Chi!

'Blood Brother' - Vivienne Chi by Vivienne Chi

H.E.T commented on Still Woozy

3 months ago

Just woke up, this is great! My fave kind of sound. All the wooz. <3

H.E.T commented on Lynette Williams

3 months ago

She's good yeah, but that's not what Senne is saying... an artist shouldn't get to 100% promising based on agrees from fake accounts, they should get there with agrees from genuine users. In any case, the people have spoken and now she's a Promising Discovery!

H.E.T commented on Sarah Klang

3 months ago

Her voice is divine! Also wicked surname, you have to be a musician with a name like Klang.

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