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Jon Magnusson PR

Spotify Playlister. Have a solid and ever growing following of playlist in a variety of genres. As a huge music lover I spend 2-3 hours every day listening to new music, building playlist and promoting them to give value to the artist that gets added.

  • folk 100%
  • jazz 100%
  • punk 100%
  • rock 85%
  • country 60%
  • soul 50%
  • classical 45%
  • reggae 25%
  • electronic 20%
  • hip hop 20%
  • blues 15%
  • pop 15%
  • $10.80
  • Provided feedback to 219 artists.

Visual Atelier 8

Visual Atelier 8 is an award-winning platform that empowers creatives and innovators. Eager to discover tomorrow’s new music talents, we unveil a highly curated selection of the best new sound design.

  • $10.80
  • Provided feedback to 64 artists.

We Plug Good Music

An innovation born out of a passion for new and emerging music, we aim to provide a platform to rival mainstream media and revolutionise the publication and curation of good music. We have now expanded beyond the sharing of emerging music into a wider array of music from all across the world.

  • $8.10
  • Provided feedback to 352 artists.

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